Oklahoma - Workin' Act I

Tonight we worked on scenes in Act I.  The director, Dann Peterson, decided to use our time wisely, so instead of working through the act from start to end, he had us work on the larger ensemble scenes and numbers first. Before we started on the act, we had our nightly vocal warm ups.  As part of our warm ups, we worked and sang "Oklahoma".  We went through the song a few times, Kristin, our music director was happy with our improvement, but we still need work.  I think I'm finally figuring out my Baritone part!

Once warm ups were done, we started out with the ensemble entrance into "Kansas City" and then ran and worked the dance.  I'm feeling better about my dance parts, but I still need some help.  I'm determined to get it down.  Come on legs, don't fail me now!  After that, Laurey (Stephanie Wipf) and the women ensemble worked on Many A New Day song and dance.  My final work for the day was the Dream Ballet, we ran through and worked that, and then tightened it up a bit, changed some of the blocking and then ran through it again.  It's looking really nice.

Most of the ensemble were sent home around 9pm, leaving the principal actors and some of the women ensemble to work on some other scenes and dance numbers.  Act II tomorrow night.  Looking forward to, "The Farmer and the Cowman" and "Oklahoma".  YEOW!