Oklahoma - Workin' Act II onstage???

Wahoo! We got to officially hit the stage a day earlier than expected.  It was nice to be able to move around in our actual space.  Because we had the stage, we worked a lot on the spacing and dance of the big opening number of Act II - The Farmer and the Cowman.  We spent a lot of time working out some kinks and tightening up the dance, and the blocking before and after the number.  Then we continued to move on to the larger ensemble scenes, while skipping or moving quickly through the smaller principal scenes.  The next big scene was working on the Box Social auction in which Judd Fry and Curly start a bidding war over Laurey's picnic hamper.  The next big number we worked on and tightened up was the scene with the title song, "Oklahoma".  After that, we continued to move through the others scenes leading up to finale.  Because we it was getting close to 10pm, the director called it a night before we were able to finish the act.  Only principal actors are called onstage for rehearsal Wednesday night, so the ensemble has an extra night to relax, or do whatever.  We'll be taking it from where we left off tonight on Thursday night.

It was a real treat being on stage.