Patti J. Hynes-McCarthy (Sister Aloysius) on "Doubt, A Parable"

Patti J. Hynes-McCarthy as Sister Aloysius BeauvierPatti J. Hynes-McCarthy, who is playing the female lead as Sister Aloysius Beauvier, in Lyric Arts' upcoming production of "Doubt, A Parable" was able to share some thoughts on her experience with"Doubt." Please read below. LA: Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

PJHM: I have and BA and a MA in Theatre. My husband and I have produced shows for The Seasons Dinner Theatre on Bunker Hills Golf Course here in Coon Rapids for the past 22 years. I have written 23 shows produced at the Seasons and plan to publish them. Some of my personal favorite roles have been Agnes in "I DO! I DO!," Mavis in "THE MURDER ROOM," Amanda in "PRIVATE LIVES," and Mrs. Venerable in "SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER."

LA: Tell us a little bit about why this particular show interested you.

PJHM: I saw the motion picture last year, knowing it was a Pulitzer Prize winning play that had been made into a movie. I walked out of the theatre thinking, “If I ever get a chance to play the role of Sister Aloysius, I know it will be one of the highlights of my career.” It is! Sister Aloysius is tough as nails, has an overbearing sense that she is right about everything, and will protect the children of her school with her last breath. You may not like her, but you have to admire her.

LA: This show is a huge artistic step for a community theater to take on, why should people come out and see the show?

PJHM: The performances from this cast are stellar. I’ve been working with professionals for 22 years, directing and producing professional theatre and the actors in this show match up to professionals. I am so proud to be a part of this cast. Audiences are in for a real treat in terms of the performances.

LA: "Doubt," was a recent blockbuster hit, for those that have seen the movie why should they come and see the stage version?

PJHM: The stage version of "DOUBT" is far more powerful than the movie. There is a passion in the stage version that doesn’t exist in the movie. The movie creates all the intensity with music and camera shots. The stage version is more real and the audience will clearly experience the intensity. I wouldn’t be surprised if audience comments on feeling emotionally drained after the show. It will certainly give them food for thought. They should have coffee afterwards and talk about it since the show will leave them with a decision to be made.

LA: Any other areas that you would like to comment on?

PHM: My accolades go out to Scott Ford who has directed this show in such a way as to allow us to discover so much about the characters and our motives. It has been a very gratifying experience.

LA: Come and see Patti in " Doubt, A Parable" from September 11-27, 2009.