Putting The Pieces Together

We've now been practicing for just over two calendar weeks, which actually represents half of our rehearsal time for this show.  It's a very ambitious schedule, but one that's coming together very well.  We're on our stage now, which is raked at an angle.  A raked stage really makes the Lyric Arts stage become much more personal and intimate, but it can be a challenge to work on.  Especially when you're spinning and doing lifts!  Speaking of the stage, be sure to check out the Evolution of a Set blog as well.  Should be very interesting to see how this set comes together over the next few weeks!

The last two weeks of rehearsal have been spent blocking each vignette, and getting off book in order to make this easier.  Trying to set up scenes with a script in your hands is not easy!  With such intimate scenes as these, and with such fast and stacking dialogue, we're doing everything we can to get all the major things in place, so that we can work on the details that much more.  This is the really fun part of the process.  It's where you get to play, and create your characters, and make the show really fun to watch.  With a show like this, that's doubly important.  And we're doing a great job.  I can't wait for you to see it!