Scott Ford dishes on Noises Off

Director Scott Ford lets us in on some interesting thoughts about his upcoming production Noises Off. Noises Off is one of my favorite plays.  I don’t know of another play with as many laughs packed into the script.  I love the construct that the audience sees three different versions of the same play including one from the perspective of being backstage.  The playwright, Michael Frayn, is brilliant.  I have seen a half dozen productions of this play and first directed it a few years back.  Every time I see or read Noises Off I am amazed by the comic complexity of the writing.  It is very demanding and rewarding for the actors – a huge crowd pleaser.

What is a Farce? Farce is a specific subgenre of comedy.  It is often characterized by two-dimensional, broadly drawn characters involved in complex plots full of unusual circumstances. The pacing is fast and even frantic at times.  Most farces also contain a big bunch of slapstick.  Comic chaos reigns!  The focus is purely and solely on entertainment, not social commentary, character development or deep thematic exploration.  When it is executed properly, the actors and the audience have a blast!  Noises Off is a classic farce and the best of its kind.  It has multiple misunderstandings, goofball characters, loads of door slamming, and sardines.

What about this show will interest audiences here at Lyric Arts? Anybody who enjoys the sensation of laughing out loud should be interested in this play.  This play tries to entertain.  Period.  It does not have anything important to say thematically.  It is not about being artistically groundbreaking.  It is about making you laugh until stuff comes out of your nose.

Make sure to get your tickets to Noises Off, performing September 7-23.  Call the Box Office at 763-422-1838 to reserve your seats.