Single tickets for the 2012-2013 Season are on sale now!

Single tickets for the 2012-2013 Season are finally on sale! That's right, if you were looking for tickets for any of the fantastic shows or concerts in our upcoming season, you can get them today! We have another big announcement for you guys today. We've heard your suggestions regarding our online ticketing, and are excited to announce that you can now pick your seats from a seating chart online! So, you can skip the line at the Box Office and get those tickets right on our website. Just choose your show and follow the links from there.

There's still great seats left for Cabaret too! With all that's going on at the theater this week, you won't want to miss a single thing.

Get your tickets today by calling the Box Office at 763-422-1838 or skip the line and get them right on our website!

We can't wait to see you at all of the great shows coming up this season!