So...this is really happening, huh?

Wow! Almost two weeks since my last post. Those two weeks have been like a whirlwind. I don't know where the time has gone. Well...scratch that...I know exactly where the time has gone: work, home, kids, rehearsals, husband, script, sleep, repeat.

Rehearsals are rolling along nicely. We are making our way through the script and finding each other in the process. There are moments in the show that make me laugh and moments that bring me to the brink of tears every time I see them. And, I am sure they will only get better over the next five weeks.

However, I had a kind of panic attack over the weekend. After years of talking about how much I missed being on stage, reality set in...

I am really doing this. I am really going on stage. I am really going to have to have my lines and blocking memorized and wear costumes and become someone else...on stage. And, my friends, family, co-workers, and colleagues are all going to have the opportunity to watch and they are going to spend their good, hard-earned money to do so. Yeesh.

For a perfectionist and an over-achiever, that is a sobering realization.

It was almost as though I had monetarily forgotten that this would be the end result. Or, as though over the years since I had been on stage, I had forgotten just how much work I would need to put into this project in order to make it something of which I will be sincerely proud.

We are expected to be "off book" for the show's first act next week, and I feel like I have a long way to go. I know in my heart how much better rehearsals will be once I can lose the script but, like a kid with a security blanket, I am just not ready to give it up yet. Now, I am doing everything I can to carve out a few minutes here and there to sit with my script and try to make sure that I know what I am doing. Nobody wants to be the weakest link...especially not me.

On another note, I did something last week that was unbelievably fun and completely self-indulgent. Have you ever noticed that all of our actors have their pictures in our programs? The best picture I had was this one. So, I made the decision to have some professional "head shots" taken. Thanks to the amazing David Setness for shooting some pictures that can best be described as looking like me on my very best day...ever (evidenced above). I don't think there is anything that could make me feel more confident.

Well...nothing except maybe having all my lines memorized. (Double yeesh.)


Lyric Arts' Managing Director Laura Tahja Johnson is playing the role of Ellen Pazinski in Over the Tavern which opens on April 13, 2012. Tickets on sale now online or through the box office at 763-422-1838.