Someone's Showing us the Love!

Our Show us the Love contest has people from all walks of life sharing their stories of love found, lost, and remembered.  Those love stories are trickling in, but we're still looking for yours.  So, to get your creative juices flowing, we've got a sample story to share with you today.

Who knew Cobra Commander could lead to love?

Once upon a time, my boyfriend called to invite me to his house.  “I’ve got a present for you.”  Being a girl who loves presents, I headed on over.  As I arrived, he met me at the door saying, “There’s someone who wants to meet you.”  My immediate thought was, “It’s a KITTY!  He knows how much I’ve been wanting a kitty!”

I rushed inside and tore open the box.  “Careful!” he says, you don’t want to hurt him.  Gingerly, I finished opening the package, and there inside was…Cobra Commander?!

“You had a bad day, and I know how much you love comic books, action figures, and Cobra Commander.”  True, yes, but not a kitty.  Ah, but he means well.

Fast forward two years…we’re now talking about marriage.  On our annual summer trip (the perfect time for an engagement, I’m thinking as this was the site of our very first kiss), he takes me out on a romantic boat ride.

“Honey,” he says.  “I know how much you were hoping to get engaged up here, and I’m sorry, but I wanted to wait until I could afford to get you the perfect ring.  Instead, I got you this gift”

“How sweet,” I think as I open the bag.  Inside is…Cobra Commander?!  My eyes well with tears.  This was not the romantic trip I had envisioned.  Looking up, struggling to contain my disappointment, I see him, kneeling, with the perfect ring and love in his eyes.

Don't forget if you share your story, you could be chosen as one of the lucky winners of tickets to the Opening Night Gala of Almost, Maine and maybe even the grand prize winner of a Celebration Package to Alison Scott.  And remember, we're looking for love stories of all kinds.  Just come Show us the Love!