Summer Workshop Registration is Now Open!

Adrian Lopez-Balbontin Education Director

Adrian Lopez-Balbontin
Education Director

Q&A with Education Director Adrian Lopez-Balbontin

What is new for Summer 2017 Workshops?

We’re continuing the same diverse mix of classes that have students act, move, and sing! If there is anything I might call “new” it’s that we’ve added workshops that specifically drive hands-on creation with acting for the kids that love crafting just as much as acting! Magnificent Things and our Fantastic Beasts workshops cater especially towards them!

Also, in the beginning of summer our Skills & Styles intensive offers an introduction to each of our Acting Skills or Styles workshops that we launched this winter/spring, with On Camera Acting rounding out the rest of the week!

We also designed the summer so that each age range would have a chance to sign up for different workshops back-to-back that offer something completely different! There’s the opportunity to spend 2-3-even 4 weeks with us!

Our hope is to provide a richer experience for students by giving the option to stay with us for more than one week, and hang out with new friends longer!

On the importance of arts education during summer break..

As someone who has taught at an Acting Conservatory and at other institutions it’s amazing to see the growth a young person has over their summer…even after they turn 18!

I think this is largely due to how they choose to spend their summer. Is it in front of the TV or tablet? Or is it an opportunity to learn and grow through the arts!? We have such a wide variety of workshops and teachers that they’ll return to school in the fall and have so many stories that they’ll carry with them for a long time…you can’t say that about TV now can you?!

What do parents need to know before registering for summer workshops?

  • Multi-class discounts can happen but parents need to call me directly in order to have them processed.
  • We offer scholarships for families in financial need.
  • At the end of Summer workshops, around mid-August, we’re going to launch a one-night celebration for some of our best and brightest students to come back and perform at night on the main stage! It’s kind of like a “Education All-Star” event!
  • If you have any questions, feel free to call or email me directly at or 763-233-0804