Give to the Max Day is tomorrow!

Visit or click  here  to make a donation!

Visit or click here to make a donation!

This year might just be our most memorable Give to the Max Day ever. In putting together all the communications that paint a picture about Lyric Arts' need for support, such a beautiful picture emerges. And this year's portrait is a keepsake we can all cherish.

We receive so many wonderful stories on a daily basis. Actors tell us things like, "Lyric Arts is the only theater where I'll work that doesn't pay." "Lyric Arts has changed my life." "I don't get the same experiences anywhere else." So we traveled to some of these artists' homes and some even sent their videos in online to help us share those stories with you.

I love to capture those stories. But even more gratifying is to hear artists, patrons, donors, staff, and others refer to Lyric Arts as "our theater," "we want to see Lyric Arts grow," "we feel like a family." It is heartwarming--at times even a little tear jerking--because people do care so much about Lyric Arts and this community.

Here are just a few of the stories that we have been able to share. 


On a very fun note, last night, Kate Beahen, long-time Lyric Arts alum, Twin Cities actor, and BIG TIME Lyric Arts supporter, alongside our Resident Music Director, Louis Berg-Arnold, came to the dance studio to re-write the lyrics to some famous show tunes, and sing Lyric Arts' thank yous to you, on all our behalf, for your support tomorrow on Give to the Max Day.

Kate Beahen and Louis Berg-Arnold

Kate Beahen and Louis Berg-Arnold

We can't give these away and share them with you just yet, but let me tell you we had a blast putting these together and are so proud and grateful they share their talents and passion here. They're quite the pair!

As we prepare for Give to the Max Day, one thing is for sure. The passion we (and by we I'm talking about YOU, too!) share for this theater is incredible. I know Lyric Arts can go anywhere and do just about anything if we put our minds to it. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your support as you consider a donation, volunteer your time, drive here for rehearsals, drop your kids off for workshops, and so much more. Thank you!


Marketing & Communications Manager
Lyric Arts