Meet Cabaret 2014 Performer Hannah Weinberg

Hannah-WeinbergThe 15th Annual Cabaret Fundraiser is right around the corner, and that means it's time you met some of the performers who will make the music come alive! You'll recognize Hannah Weinberg from this season's Hormel Girls, last season's Hairspray, and from teaching Lyric Arts education workshops. Read on to see what makes her tick, and get a hint at the song she'll be performing in the Cabaret! LA: What was your first show at Lyric Arts? Hannah: The first show I was involved in at Lyric Arts was Hairspray in summer 2013, and I played my dream role of Penny Pingleton!

LA: How has Lyric Arts changed your life? Hannah: I have met some incredible people at Lyric Arts who have become some of my closest friends. To share a stage with your best friends is the greatest gift I could ask for as a performer!

LA: What is the best part about being in a show at Lyric Arts? Hannah: They really live by their motto, "Big city theatre, hometown charm." The production quality is outstanding, everyone is professional during the rehearsal process and the expectations are high for every show, and they deliver! At Lyric Arts it still feels like you are a part of the community and something very special!

LA: Without giving too much away, what do you feel are the "wow" elements of the Cabaret Fundraiser? Hannah: The "wows" of the Cabaret...there is something for everyone! The numbers we will be performing are fun and challenging! This cast is incredible, and are going to deliver some outstanding performances! It will be a wonderful show!

LA: What three words best describe Lyric Arts? Hannah: Professional, Family, Innovative

LA: What would be a dream show that you’d love to see produced on the Main Street Stage? Hannah: That is a hard question to answer, but I would love to see Bonnie and Clyde: the Musical and The Drowsy Chaperone at Lyric Arts!

LA: What has been your favorite experience at Lyric Arts? Hannah: The process of Hairspray was the most fun I had ever had working on a show! I loved working with Scott Ford, and the cast was incredible! Every rehearsal we were laughing until we were crying and when we closed, everyone was sad to leave it!

LA: Will you tell us a little bit about yourself? Hannah: I am from a very small town and now I live in the Twin Cities. I went to school in California and studied Performing Arts and Music Education. There, I joined a performing arts group called The Young Americans where I was fortunate to tour across the USA, Japan and South Korea, performing and working with kids! I teach musical theater workshops at Lyric Arts and I love doing it! My favorite color is purple, and I love, love, love Disney!

LA: Can you give us a clue to which number you'll be performing in the Cabaret? Hannah: The song I will be performing mentions a lot of my personal favorite things, but it is not the Julie Andrews version!

LA: Do you ever get stage fright? Hannah: I used to, but now I have a ritual before every show I do to calm my nerves. I dance backstage and do a goofy dance. I look quite ridiculous, but it is fun for me!

LA: What is your biggest acting goal? Hannah: I would love to voice a Disney character in a movie, or originate a role in a show.

LA: Who is your favorite actress/actor? Hannah: I am the biggest Julie Andrews fan!!!!! She is someone I have always admired!

LA: What are your favorite plays? Hannah: I love a lot of plays. I love plays based on some of my favorite books, such as Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby, Little Women, and Peter Pan! My favorite Shakespeare play is A Midsummer Night's Dream.

LA: Can you share any special 'tricks of the acting trade?' Hannah: Confidence is important! Respect the people you are working with; divas never prosper! The best advice I have ever gotten as an actor has been to go with your instincts because they are always right!