Cabaret 2015: Cast Interview with Brad Bone

Brad Bone

Brad Bone

Brad Bone returned to Lyric Arts after a 10 year hiatus from the stage, but after making that comeback in our production of "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)," Brad found  himself juggling multiple roles after being cast in both "Young Frankenstein" and "A Christmas Carol—A Ghost Story of Christmas." Featured recently in the Star Tribune, Brad spoke about acting as "a way to eat" and finds Lyric Arts to be "the outlet I've been looking for."

We're very excited to have Brad Bone as a part of our upcoming Cabaret. Described by Resident Director, Matt McNabb as "such a warm person, you're predisposed to like him," we agree, it'd be hard not to. We interviewed Brad about his time with Lyric Arts. Here's what he shared with us.

LA: How did you become familiar with Lyric Arts?

BB: I’ve driven by many times. One day I saw an audition posting for a show that got me to finally pull over. I’m so thankful I did.

LA: How would your life be different if it wasn’t for Lyric Arts?

BB: Without Lyric Arts, I would be living in a rut of structure. Lyric Arts gives me the outlet to explore and be creative.

LA: Why do you choose to share your passion on this stage?

BB: Honestly, for me, it started with location. But what has kept me here is the people and the opportunity to be working in a theater that is growing so fast as well known brand in Minnesota and has the real talent to back it up.

LA: What moment are you really looking forward to this year for Cabaret?

BB: I am really looking forward to a lyrical dance piece that I’m doing with Katherine Storm. It is a far cry from my character roles and has some great challenging lifts that we’re excited to pull off.

LA: What’s been your very favorite number to perform in your acting and singing career so far?

BB: At lyric arts, my only song I’ve really done was the song “Someone” as the Hermit in Young Frankenstein.

LA: Describe a favorite bonding moment with someone at Lyric Arts

BB: There is not one particular “bonding” moment, but I have found that the theater world is a small one. I have run into so many friends or friends of friends from other times in my life. It is great how Lyric Arts brings so many people back together. Way better than Facebook…as I’m not a social media fan.

LA: How and when did you decide to pursue a career in performing arts?

BB: I wish I had a “career” in performing arts, meaning that I didn’t have to go to a “real” job. My first attempt at anything in the performing arts was my senior year in High School. That opportunity opened the door to a BFA in Duluth.

LA: What other hidden talents might lurk below the surface?

BB: it’s a mystery.

LA: If you could live in any time period, when would it be and why?

BB: No better time than the present.

LA: If you could star in any film, which would you choose and who would you play?

BB: Steve Martin in The Jerk!

LA: What are your favorite musicals?

BB: Honestly, I’m not really a musical actor, so I usually don’t watch them. Being in Young Frank was awesome, and it seemed funny, butt I wish I could have seen it.

LA: Let people know what it feels like to spend your time and talents at Lyric Arts. Any stories that help describe this?

BB: I only want to say that I love every moment I get to spend here, but life is a balancing act between roles on the stage and roles as a husband and father.