Volunteer Appreciation Month - They Build Our Sets!

Volunteer Appreciation Month - They Build Our Sets!

Behind each set and prop on the Lyric Arts Stage is a team of volunteers who work to ensure that every detail is accounted for and every nail is in place.

"We have a fantastic crew that is part of our Production Team. We have a number of volunteers who are here almost every day of the week, they build our sets, they put together our props. The incredible sets that you see would not exist without our volunteers," Gina Sauer, Lyric Arts' Volunteer Coordinator said.

For the Set Volunteers, having fun on the job is a big reason why they enjoy coming in each day.

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"Picnic" Gardening Day!

Lyric Arts is getting a head start for the summer and we need your help! We are having a set dressing day for our upcoming show, "Picnic," which opens on the 10th of January. We have designed a full backyard of (sadly, fake) plants, trees and grass that we need help getting into the "ground." Luckily, this will all take place indoors so nobody will have to dig any dirt or be outside in the blustery cold! The play is set around a Labor Day celebration in Kansas, and we want to make the set look as realistically summery as possible!

Picnic Set Sketch

We will be working on the stage Saturday, December 28th from 10am to 6pm laying down astroturf on a hill, adding foliage and gardens around all edges of the stage, and making a giant pine bush out of a few artificial Christmas trees. We will also be using rubber mulch and paving stones, as well as building a prop stump. So, grab your gardening gloves and join us! We will pause around 1pm to have a picnic in the Lyric Arts lobby, and we'll provide the sandwiches.

Help us bring a beautiful, realistic set to life on the stage and then come and enjoy the show. Absolutely no experience is needed to help out, and families, friends and individuals of all ages are welcome as we celebrate summer in January! Lyric Arts is your community theater and our volunteers are what make it happen.