The Dixie Swim Club Review

A Performance to Share With Friends!

By Allie Causin

There’s nothing more appealing than a book that has you enraptured within its pages by the very first sentence. The delight is the same for a play that has you captivated as soon as the first lights come on. The Dixie Swim Club is like a delicious book that you are in love with before the very first line is spoken; an insuppressible grin appears on your face, and you’re immediately hooked.

The story is about five friends that get together once a year for a girl’s weekend at the beach house in North Carolina. Immediately as the show started, I found that it took everything within my power to keep myself sitting in my seat instead of joining Sheree in her completely carefree solo dancing to the summertime beach music. Lexie arrives not long after, like a fly on the wall, enjoying every second of Sheree’s dance, quiet for a moment, but once the moment has passed, flaunts herself center stage.  Next waltzes in Dinah, “I’ve got a martini shaker and I’m not afraid to use it!” Vernadette isn’t far behind making her ritual mad dash to the bathroom. Last, but not least, with a surprise in tow, ex-nun Jeri Neal makes her appearance. Lisa Denninger (Sheree), Kristen Mathisen (Dinah), Denise Martineau (Lexie), Julie Bohn (Jeri Neal), and Debbie Swanson (Vernadette) share with us the sweet sisterhood of friendship in all its colorfulness. These talented women bring you into their story and make you feel as if you are “one of the girls”. They make us laugh, they make us cry, and they make us truly grateful for the treasured friendships in our own lives, causing us to take a moment pause to fondly recall our own “remember when’s.”

All the characters are realistic and relatable, as if a sprinkling of our every day friends were suddenly on stage. Their story is a tribute to true friendship and reminds us that although it can go through the works, in the end, friendship can endure all. It is a great show to experience with friends and loved ones from all walks of life. Together you will laugh till your sides hurt. Though a Kleenex may be necessary at times, you are guaranteed to walk away with a happy heart. This is not a show to miss. The only thing I felt was absent was a martini in my hand. Once you see it, you will understand why.

A Little Bit About Allie: Allie Causin, 26 years old, lives in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. By day she works at a special education para at Adams Elementary and in the evenings teaches ballet in St. Paul and Forest Lake. She has been a performing company member with Out On A Limb Dance Company for the past 7 years. She’s currently going to school at Augsburg College for a degree in Elementary Education. When she isn’t working, dancing, or at school she is traveling the country working with her fairy friends at Renaissance Festivals. On the rare occasion she has even been seen as a mermaid.