Almost, Maine: The First Snowball

Well, there's no denying it anymore, it's winter.  The days are at their shortest time of the year, and the snow piles in drifts all around us, especially this year.  Cold represents a lot of different things to people.  It can represent pessimism, or loss, or regret.  However, cold weather also brings to mind the things we do to stay warm.  Togetherness, love, and comfort. So, welcome to Almost, Maine!  My name is Tom Goerger, and I'm one of the cast members of this wonderful show.  If you're like me, you hadn't heard of this show until it was announced at the season preview event last spring at Lyric Arts. Believe me, once you see this show, you'll wonder why you hadn't.  This script is one of the funniest, most poignant things I've ever read.  It hooked me immediately, and all the way through.  It almost reads like a sitcom, with funny, fast paced dialogue and loads of physical humor.  But, it's has a lot of scenes that make you really think.  It's got something for everyone, and is something that I think everyone will enjoy.

One unique thing about this show is the size of the cast relative to how many characters there are.  This show has a cast of just four people, who play 18 characters between them.  I'll talk about the challenges and opportunities of this in a later posting.  The director, Bob Neu, has put together a cast that I think captures this fun show perfectly.  We've been having a great deal of fun so far, learning our lines and starting to do some really interesting staging.  This is going to be a great show, that I hope everyone out there comes to see.  Much more later, but again, welcome to Almost, Maine!