The Great Wine Way

I’m sure you’ve heard that the Broadway theme is returning for our annual Cabaret Fundraiser. This year it’s Another Lyric Arts Salute to Broadway Musicals We Can’t Afford to Produce. May isn’t that far off, and it’s a good thing too. We can’t wait for all the fun that’s in store! One way to have fun and support your favorite theater is by donating wine to our Great Wine Way. This year our goal is to raise 300 bottles of wine for the event. We’re asking you to help us out by donating a bottle (or three) of wine valued at a minimum of $10.  It doesn’t have to be a $10 bottle, the sky’s the limit. We’ll welcome anything over $10. Just imagine that lucky player who, in May, innocently walks up to The Great Wine Way and suddenly walks away with an $80 bottle of wine!

Wondering just what a $10 bottle of wine will do for Lyric Arts? Well, $10 buys a non-musical script for an actor. If you donated ten bottles, that would mean being able to have our piano tuned for the event. Just imagine where we can go when we raise all 300 bottles of wine!

To help support Lyric Arts with your bottle of wine, just bring it in to the Box Office during regular business hours or when you join us for Hello, Dolly!, The Belfast Cowboys, or Death of a Salesman! And be sure to stay tuned for more information about the super fun games we’ll be bringing to this year’s Cabaret Fundraiser.