U-haul truck needed

Hello, everyone! As you all know, production for Hairspray is in full swing, and we'll be able to show you all pictures of the set in the near future. We are, however, in need of a little help with one of our larger set pieces.

Theater enthusiasts will know that, in the final scene of the play, Edna Turnbladt emerges from an enormous hairspray can to join in the final number, and we've got the can ready and waiting for pick-up. The only problem is... it's too big for us to move! We are looking for a generous community member with access to a closed-bed truck that will safely transport a 9-foot-long, 4-foot-wide hairspray can, so we can get it to our stage in time for rehearsals. The can is on a rolling cart, so movement along the ground will be easy to pull off, we just need to get it to the theater.

If you or someone you know has access to a truck that will do the job, please ask them to give us a hand, and contact our production manager, Brian Proball, at Brian@LyricArts.org

Thank you in advance!