Volunteer Appreciation Month - They Build Our Sets!


Behind each set and prop on the Lyric Arts Stage is a team of volunteers who work to ensure that every detail is accounted for and every nail is in place.

"We have a fantastic crew that is part of our Production Team. We have a number of volunteers who are here almost every day of the week, they build our sets, they put together our props. The incredible sets that you see would not exist without our volunteers," Gina Sauer, Lyric Arts' Volunteer Coordinator said.

For the Set Volunteers, having fun on the job is a big reason why they enjoy coming in each day.

"I have a blast building and painting," Cathy Holtmeier said. 

Holtmeier has been volunteering at Lyric Arts in the Scene Shop for more than a decade. She built set for her kids in dance when they were younger, and liked it so much, that she chose to volunteer in a similar way at Lyric Arts.

"It's like a happy family down in the shop," Bob Ceminsky said. Ceminsky has been volunteering for eight years and says that one of his favorite parts about working in the Scene Shop is getting to be creative.

"When I'm building sets sometimes, different directors will say 'Bob, I need this built, but use your imagination. I really enjoy that."

"Brian (Proball) has taught a lot of us a lot of different techniques," Joan O'Sullivan said. O'Sullivan has been volunteering for about eight years, and says that one of her favorite parts of volunteering is working with the people. 

Other volunteers in the Scene Shop just started volunteering, like Dave Carls.

"I started volunteering about a week ago, and I thought it would be fun" Carls said.

Carls said that he enjoys the variety in the job.

"You don't know what you're walking into, and you don't know what it's going to look like when you walk out. It's kind of like Transformers for adults," Carls said.

"It fills up a day, and you get where you want to come in because you want to see a completion," Sandra McFarland said. McFarland has been volunteering in the Scene Shop for a little less than a year. She says that it's fun to do, and fun to tell people about building sets as a volunteer.

Without these amazing volunteers, our directors and actors would not have the playground they need to play on for each show! 

We want to thank our amazing set volunteers for the dedication and hard work.  Below is a complete list of names for those who volunteer on a regular basis to build our sets.  Not all were available the day we conducted interviews. 


Blues Bland

Bob Ceminsky

Dave Carls

Alan Cragoe

Cathy Holtmeier

Sandra McFarland

Roxy Malik

Joan O’Sullivan

Kim Webster