The #1 Reason to #LoveLyricArts is our family of donors!

Executive and Artistic Director Laura Tahja Johnson

Executive and Artistic Director
Laura Tahja Johnson

Hello friends!

I don’t know if you have heard the news, but Lyric Arts is having an absolutely spectacular season. And, your past support is what has helped us get here! I want to thank you from the
bottom of my heart for your helping providing a warm and welcoming home for professional theater (and theater education) right here in downtown Anoka.

Quite literally, Lyric Arts couldn’t entertain and inspire tens of thousands of audience members, artists, technicians, volunteers, and workshop students every year without generous contributions from theater lovers just like you—and for those gifts, we are enormously grateful.

Recently, my family and friends have begun to remark that I spend a lot of time talking about Lyric Arts. And, it’s true. Lyric Arts is, without a doubt, one of my favorite topics of conversation. But, it is only because I love this theater so very much.

Austin Stole and Becca Hart in "Urinetown"

Austin Stole and Becca Hart in "Urinetown"

To be honest, over the last decade or so, this gem of a theater has stolen my heart. I may not have founded Lyric Arts, but I truly love it as much as if I had. The Main Street Stage has become a second home for me (and for my family) and I am, without a doubt, one of Lyric Arts’ biggest fans.

The things Lyric Arts has accomplished since its founding in 1995 are astounding—over 200 productions, a thriving education program, a successful concert series, the move to the Main Street Stage in 2001, surviving the recession—to say nothing of the our ongoing artistic growth.

This season, we took a leap of faith and a big step forward when, thanks to your support, we began compensating our actors for the very first time. It’s not nearly as much as these talented people deserve—or have the opportunity to earn at other local theaters of our size and stature—but it demonstrates how much we value their time and their talent. That step, which you made possible, further elevated Lyric Arts’ reputation as an up-and-coming theater company in the seven-county metro.

Furthermore, your support has allowed us to maintain an Education Director on staff, which is essential to the continued growth of our education program. It has assured the artistic growth of hundreds of young people in a professional and nurturing environment. In fact, your contributions made it possible for us to add pre-K music classes to our education schedule, fostering appreciation in our youngest performing artists.

We have achieved so much together, but there is so much left for us to do.
In the face of all the incredible success we have attained together, we are also in the midst of some considerable challenges, leaving it to Lyric Arts’ most loyal supporters to decide what happens next.

It is my sincere hope you want to ensure Lyric Arts will be a center of this community and a home for the performing arts in the north metro for decades to come, creating theater that brings people together and providing educational opportunities that help young people grow in confidence and skill.

Audrey Johnson in "Silent Sky"

Audrey Johnson in "Silent Sky"

To secure that vision for the future, we need the resources necessary to sustain our current level of quality and our continued artistic growth. We also need to build our financial reserves to pay for things likebuilding repairs and renovations, the replacement of necessary theater equipment, and other big capital expenses—not to mention simply saving for “a rainy day.”
I am not exaggerating when I say that where we go from here depends on you. Ticket sales alone are not enough to cover our annual expenses. And, unfortunately, additional funding is getting increasing difficult to come by.

Government funding is repeatedly under attack and many private and corporation foundations are changing their giving guideline to focus on other priorities.

While many other non-profit theaters are also feeling the pinch, we have something they don’t—YOU! 

If you love Lyric Arts as much as I think you do—or even if you love it a small fraction of that amount—please share your love by making a contribution of just $15 before the end of our fiscal year on June 30, 2017.

Or, if you prefer, consider providing ongoing support as a sustaining donor with a donation of only $10 per month.

Every donor makes a difference. Every dollar matters.

Your contribution will...

  • Maintain the highest level of artistry for every one of our productions.
  • Keep ticket prices affordable.
  • Increase stipends for our artists to a level that comes closer to equaling what they are paid at other theaters of our size and stature.
  • Replace failing theater equipment.
  • Make necessary repairs and renovations to our facility.
  • Build up our financial reserves for use in case of an emergency.

The greater your gift, the greater your impact.

With your continued partnership and support, we can make 2017–2018 our most successful season to date. Thank you for your ongoing generosity.


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Laura Tahja Johnson
Artistic & Executive Director

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