We're Wowed by "Heaven Can Wait!"

We spoke with the cast about some of the wow elements of Heaven Can Wait, as well as some of the rituals they use to prepare before going on stage.  It's a good thing that the show opens on Friday. Every time we speak with this cast, they've managed to get us even more excited for the show!

What do you feel are the “wow” elements of Heaven Can Wait?

Nickie McClure: There really is so much WOW in HCW- I would go with how great the director and sound engineers are- just being able to turn a short little story into something with heart, passion, and inspiration is wow to me.

Linda Monroe: I'm impressed by how some of the actors have really gotten into their character, especially Corey, Tom and Allison.  I love the interactions between Tom and Allison!

Pat Noren Enderson: The bittersweet love story among the self discovery and mystery is the wow in this production.

Do you have any rituals or things you do to prepare to go on stage when you are performing?

Daniel Coleman: I make sure I am relaxed and I pray before anything I do.

Tim Como: When it comes to rituals, I'm a pacer. I'll pace back and forth, for as long as I can. I also try and stay quiet and focused.

Nickie McClure: I always quick go over my lines and say them in the mirror to make I look the way I am supposed to.

Linda Monroe: I've always tried to go off by myself right before every performance and say a little prayer for the cast, crew AND audience - that everything goes well and we have a receptive audience.

Pat Noren Enderson: Before each act, I take a few minutes to relax and soak up my character--their background and their relationships with the other characters.

Guys, this show sounds amazing!  You're definitely not going to want to miss it! Luckily, you can get your tickets immediately online, or just give us a call in the Box Office at 763-422-1838.