We've got the inside scoop on the Cabaret theme!

We just got the inside scoop from Cabaret Fundraiser Director, Rebecca Rizzio. And we couldn't wait to share all the bCabaret2013_Logoehind the scenes detail with you! Of course by now, everyone knows that the theme is Another Lyric Arts Salute to Broadway Musicals We Can't Afford to Produce, but Rebecca shared why this theme is so exciting. Lyric Arts: Sometimes people feel a little trepidation about a sequel. What do you think?

Headshot_BeckyRizzio_135x135Rebecca Rizzio: A lot of people think, "The sequel. Never as good as the original." That is until now....

LA: Can you tell us anything about the vision for this year's performance?

RR: The vision, well, it's a thrill to be bringing last season's creative team back for this season's Cabaret.  This year we are growing much the same way that Lyric Arts is growing.  You won't see the flash of last year's familiar, most well-known Broadway musicals. Instead, this year, we are bringing to the stage some less recognizable but equally powerful, rock solid numbers. Lyric Arts is on her way to places she has never been. So, come along with us.....It's going to be a most inspiring ride.

LA: What else can you tell us about the theme for the fundraiser?

RR: We will need a new theme for next year's cabaret because we are running out of shows we can't afford to produce.....Thanks to YOU! Last year's closer, "Seasons of Love" is actually going to officially be a part of next season. Dreams do come true...