What do the Carol Burnett Show and Lyric Arts have in common?

Debbie Swanson, Board Chair, has the answer!

It’s time to order your tickets for the 2013 Lyric Arts Cabaret! I feel like this is the biggest event at the theater during our season where you-- the audience—joins in and becomes “one” with our staff, board and those that are involved in “putting on a show”.  On either side of the footlights, everyone in the Main Street theater that night is there because they love Lyric Arts and what this place means to our community.

As charitable foundations “tighten their belts” and grants to support the arts become harder and harder to come by, it’s important that the community steps up to stand in the gap. Lyric Arts is a treasure that we need to nurture and support…and buying a ticket to the Cabaret Fundraiser event is one of the ways you can contribute and become involved.

Besides that, you’ll have an awesome evening! If you’re old enough to remember & appreciate the Carol Burnett Show on Saturday nights—you’ll love the Cabaret. We “turn up the house lights” and interact with the audience, the actors are cracking each other up on stage and the audience is hooting and hollering. It is a fun, fun night—you REALLY do not want to miss this one!