Who has time to blog?

So, in my last post, I promised that I was going to take you on my journey through Over the Tavern with me. And now, it’s been over a week since that first post. All I can say is that it amazing how time flies when every minute of your life becomes completely scheduled.

Between a full-time job (well…full-time plus), being a mom, being a wife, kids’ activities, community volunteer work, and trying to keep our household from descending into utter chaos, my schedule was already tight.

Now I have added evening rehearsals to that list which means that I rush out of the building as close to 5:00pm as I can, pick up two six-year-olds from school, bring them home, and do what I can to spend whatever quality time with them that I can while I get dinner started. My husband comes home a little after 6:00 and I am back out the door by 6:30 to get to rehearsal. It’s not every night (and I am certainly not complaining), but it is a significant amount of time that I am used to having in my schedule to do things like clean my house, make sure homework is done, prepare for my next day at work, or talk to my husband face-to-face. Did I mention the impending doom of utter chaos that lurks around every corner?

Again, I am not complaining. I share this only because the vast majority of Lyric Arts’ actors are in the same situation. Lyric Arts’ actors are unpaid; they act in our productions for the love of what they do; they are not making a living by performing in one of our shows. Granted, many of our actors also work professionally or are just beginning their professional career, but most of them are "working stiffs" just like you and me. For eight to ten weeks, they work all day, rehearse all night, and struggle to keep everything else afloat while pursuing their passion. I think that so many times when we, as audience members, watch a performance, we forget the hours of preparation that go into each production and what sacrifices those performers have made to do what truly makes them happy.

Here’s the upside. For someone like me, it does make me happy. I am excited to go to rehearsal every night. I am feeling a little bit more jovial as I go about my day…more energetic. I am more appreciative of my children and husband. I am much more enthusiastic about a job that I am already pretty passionate about, all because I made the decision to step outside of my normal, everyday routine and do something I really love to do.

And, at the risk of being a cliché or sounding trite, I am gaining a sense of creative fulfillment I haven’t felt in a long time. Then again, that could just be the caffeine and lack of sleep talking.

Next time: The rehearsal process…what we’ve been up to so far.

P.S. If you are not already planning to do so, don’t miss Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma!  It opens Friday (I’ll be there!) and runs through March 18!