Why come to the fundraiser? The cast tells all!

Our stellar Cabaret Fundraiser cast has come up with even more reasons you should come to see A Lyric Arts Salute to Broadway Musicals We Can’t Afford to Produce. These are amazing reasons!  

Curt Burton: We have an outstanding, very talented cast who are working very hard to make this one of the best fundraiser productions ever.  The audience will get a chance to see some of their favorite performers in roles perhaps they would not expect, plus get a chance to hear some great musical numbers from all.

Noelle French: Our Cabaret is a snapshot of the amazing live theater that Lyric produces year-round.  There is something for every type of musical theater fan, from rock to opera!

Laurel Kaeferlein: What a fun time to hang around people who love the theater!  Additionally, the actors and actresses can really sing and dance, so you will NOT be disappointed.  Hey, and who wouldn't like beer, wine, appetizers and dessert?  Heck of a deal, I say!

James Plante: Because it is for a great cause and it allows Lyric Arts to continue to provide the high level of theatre they are known for.

Debbie Swanson: Although Lyric Arts can’t afford the rights or the production costs associated with the musicals we are featuring on May 11th and 12th, I know that audiences will love the tongue in cheek humor and our own Lyric Arts’ twist on award winning shows like Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, Lion King and Million Dollar Quartet! We haven’t been able to get through a rehearsal yet without cracking up at the jokes, the costumes, the props and each actor’s take on their characters from one of the shows. Regular attendees to the theater will recognize some of their favorite actors and a little “insider” humor. New audience members will be hooked—and want to come back time and time again during our next season. Of course, the best part is that all the money donated this weekend will be going toward fabulous programming for Lyric Arts’ new year. It’s going to be a good time for a great cause!!