Why support us at Cabaret?

By now you all know that the Cabaret Fundraiser is our only fundraiser of the year, and that without it we wouldn't be able to keep bringing you all of the fantastic programming that we all love so much. Instead of us giving you more reasons why we think you should come out to support us at the event, we wanted to give our actors a space to share why they donate so much of their time to the event. Here's what they had to say:

Jacleen Olson: Performing is a huge part of the healing process for me...and the fact that Lyric Arts and Becky trusted me to do this means the world to me.  Although I may not be at 100% yet, being a part of the Cabaret Fundraiser is helping me get there, not just because I'm performing, but because everyone has my back.  I'm one lucky girl.  Love you guys.

Tony Johnson: I love performing in the Cabaret because it's such a great way to give a little something back for all the wonderful things Lyric Arts has meant to me and my family over the past 10 years. Not to mention it's a blast to hang out every night with such a fun bunch of talented performers.

Laurel Kaeferlein: Are you kidding?  I love Lyric Arts and want to be a part of almost anything that I can be a part of; however, what made me excited about being in this particular Cabaret is working with Becky Rizzio again.  She's an incredible director and an all-around wonderful person to be around.  Additionally, Jon Stiff is such an amazing dancer that knowing he was choreographing the show made me want to be a part of it as well.  

Thanks to each and every person who helps to make this event so special! We hope you'll join us for this fabulous night of fun!