Intern-al Affairs - Hairspray Rehearsals

Hello, Lyric Arts insiders! Intern Eric here with another sneak peek of our upcoming production of Hairspray! I've sat in on rehearsals before, but I brought my camera last night to give you guys a little taste of the finished product, all while our actors get used to the main elements of the stage, freshly painted and fitted together. Even though we still have over two weeks of rehearsal to go, the cast already looks and sounds fantastic, and we can’t wait to show everyone the finished product.

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We need painters!

Hey, Lyric Arts community!

Hairspray Unfinished

Our set for Hairspray is mostly built, and this morning, we moved to phase three of set construction - Painting. Our volunteers have done a great job so far, but to quote our Tech Director, Karen Lee Tait, "There is a daunting amount of painting to be done."

We need YOU. If you're good with a paintbrush, and can spare an hour out of your work week, come help us get the set looking spectacular between now and Hairspray's opening night on July 12th.

Get in touch with Matt, our volunteer coordinator, at to get involved.

See you there!

Intern-al affairs - strike

If you are an avid reader of the site, you may be familiar with a feature that we like to call ‘The Evolution of a Set,’ in which we show you pictures of sets currently under construction by our masterful technical directors and volunteers. In the segment, we normally take a picture a day, or at every significant milestone, until the stage is ready for our actors to perform, and make it all worthwhile. But, some of you may wonder, what happens to the set when it is no longer needed? Does it remain as it is, as a reminder of achievements past? Does it erode away, like a mighty battlement after time has taken its luster? Or, perhaps, does it mysteriously vanish one day, with mom assuring us that the set has gone to a nice farm upstate, where it’s got lots of wide open spaces to run free with all the other sets of productions past?

Sadly for the set, we are neither sentimental nor subtle in our methods.

This is Strike.

At the end of a set’s life, in this case, on June the 15th, 2013, immediately after the last patrons depart from the amazingly successful Lyric Arts production of ‘Barefoot in the Park,’ a highly-skilled team of volunteers, whom I shall henceforth refer to as ‘The Strike Force,’ descends upon the stage, with hammers in hand, and fire in their hearts, to relentlessly assail the stage until not a single timber remains standing.

Our strike for Barefoot went off beautifully, and we're now in full production mode for Hairspray. We'd like to extend a special thank you to every volunteer that came and helped us out, either during the show or for strike. Without you, our theater wouldn't be half as vibrant and fun as it is today. Your support keeps us alive, and we love having you in the Lyric Arts family.

If you want to get involved in future strikes, or as a volunteer in general, contact our Front of House Manager, Matt McNabb, at

Intern-al affairs - Hairspray Design

Hello, everyone! Intern Eric here, with some extra-juicy behind-the-scenes coverage for Lyric Arts' forthcoming production of Hairspray, premiering on the 12th of July! Work on the set is going pretty smoothly, and if all goes according to plan, our actors should have a full stage (without some minor decorative touches) to practice on by the end of the month. I managed to persuade Karen Lee Tait, Lyric Arts' new tech director, to part with one of her design documents for a primary piece of decoration, the walls of the 'Corny Collins Show' stage!

I've seen the work that has been done on the walls so far, and they're already looking very impressive.

I also weaseled my way into the costume department, and talked our costume designer, Stacey Palmer, into showing the Lyric Arts Audience some of the fabrics she will be using to bring out the personalities of each member of the cast. Now, these are only swatches, each one roughly three inches square, but they are what Stacey uses to show the rest of the Lyric Arts staff her vision during design meetings.

Fabric Swatchboard - Hairspray 002

These are just the first of many behind-the-scenes articles that I'll be posting over the course of our production. Over the next few weeks, I'll be bringing you footage from our rehearsals, major milestones on the set, and many more exciting design tidbits and anecdotes as they come in.

Let there be lights!

Hey, Volunteers! In order to make Hairspray the best experience possible for our viewers when the curtains go up, we've got a whole lot of awesome stage lighting that will make our production pop. If you are comfortable with carrying and hanging stage lights, and want to meet some of the fine people who keep this theater running smoothly, we could use you as a volunteer anywhere from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. on Tuesday, June 25th and Wednesday, June 26th.

To register to volunteer, go to or contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Matt McNabb, at (763)-433-2510 (extension 106) or via e-mail at

Thanks in advance, and we'll see you there!

U-haul truck needed

Hello, everyone! As you all know, production for Hairspray is in full swing, and we'll be able to show you all pictures of the set in the near future. We are, however, in need of a little help with one of our larger set pieces.

Theater enthusiasts will know that, in the final scene of the play, Edna Turnbladt emerges from an enormous hairspray can to join in the final number, and we've got the can ready and waiting for pick-up. The only problem is... it's too big for us to move! We are looking for a generous community member with access to a closed-bed truck that will safely transport a 9-foot-long, 4-foot-wide hairspray can, so we can get it to our stage in time for rehearsals. The can is on a rolling cart, so movement along the ground will be easy to pull off, we just need to get it to the theater.

If you or someone you know has access to a truck that will do the job, please ask them to give us a hand, and contact our production manager, Brian Proball, at

Thank you in advance!

STRIKE! Help us get ready for Hairspray!

Attention Volunteers! We are looking for help getting our stage ready for Hairspray! Come meet our awesome new Tech Director Karen Tait, and help us tear down the set of Barefoot in the Park from 10:30 PM to Midnight on  Saturday, June 15th and from Noon to 6:00 PM on Father’s day, June 16th. Complimentary pizza will be available to all volunteers on Sunday the 16th, and a handyman dad will love the opportunity to work with his family.

Our work environment will be kid-friendly, although closed-toe shoes are required, and work gloves are encouraged. It will be a fun place to learn about proper tool usage and safety, and an opportunity to blow off steam with a little bit of old-fashioned demolition.

Register to volunteer at and get in touch with Matt McNabb, our volunteer coordinator, by calling (763)-433-2510 (Extension 106) or via e-mail at to learn more about the process.

Thanks in advance! Hope to see you there.


"Hairspray" Cast Announced

Don't miss these talented performers as they bring Hairspray to life on the Main Street Stage. Hairspray performs July 12-Agust 4. Get your tickets today!

Cast List

Tracy Turnblad: Lisa Hanson

Edna Turnblad:  Christopher Teipner

Wilbur Turnblad: Scott Dutton

Motormouth Maybelle: Angela Henderson

Amber Von Tussle: Nykeigh Larson

Velma Von Tussle: Sarah Frazier

Link Larkin: Jarome Smith

Seaweed J. Stubbs: Maurice Britts

Little Inez: Marly Ritchie

Corny Collins: Brad Kallhoff

Penny Pingleton: Hannah Weinberg

Prudy Pingleton: Susan Ritchie

The Dynamites: Uchenna Chukwudi, Jesse McCormick, Tolu Ekisola

Mr. Pinky: John Siracusa Jr.

Council Members: Tammy: Stephanie Wipf Fender: James Ehlenz IQ: Colin Hutchins Brenda: Jessica Kytor Sketch: Joshua Palmquist Shelley: Kayli McIntyre Lou Ann: Anna Wagner

Other Students: Gilbert: Xavier Cochran Stooie: Joseph James Ensemble: Emily Picardi Alyssa Ringdal