Story by Deborah and James Howe
Adapted for the stage by Jon Klein
Music by Chris Jeffries
Directed by David Hanzal

Chester the cat and Harold the dog are the best of pals. But, one dark and stormy night, their family comes home with a very strange baby rabbit who has sharp fangs instead of buck teeth, and who sleeps all day and prowls around his cage at night. Meanwhile, all the vegetables in this house are drained of their color and turned white. Could this possibly be a coincidence, or could Bunnicula be a vampire? Chester thinks so - and he'll stop at nothing until he vanquishes the new arrival, even if it means the end of his friendship with Harold.


Chester: Brianna Regan
Harold: Sarah Frazier
Mrs. Monroe: Bailey J. Hess
Mr. Monroe: Jason Stone
Pat: Lydia Ter Haar
Ruby: Valerie Heideman
Bunnicula: Tara Martinsen

Artistic Staff

Director: Michael Bruckmueller
Music Director: Joe Black
Choreographer: Jonathon Dull
Stage Manager: Grace Sheldon
Assistant Stage Managers: Laura Steblay, Gina Grandner
Scenic and Puppet Designer: Gabriel Gomez
Lighting Designer: Jason Wipf
Sound Designer: Paul Estby
Costume Designer: Kris Livingston
Make Up: Jena Guimond
Sound Board Operators: Clara Bortnem, Cassandra Proball