Based on the Book by Doreen Cronin
Illustrations by Betsy Lewin

Adapted by James E. Grote
Music by George Howe
Directed by Cassandra Proball

The animals on Farmer Brown’s farm have had enough! They work all day to provide milk and eggs, but when their request for electric blankets to warm the drafty barn is ignored, action must be taken. So, the cows go on strike and the chickens join them in solidarity. No blankets: no milk, no eggs! Join the Cows, Hen, and Duck – and their trusty typewriter – as they engage in peaceful protest to improve their working conditions in this delightful and hilariously “moo-ving” musical about negotiation and compromise, based on this modern classic of children’s literature.


Farmer Brown: Rick Gabriel
Duck: Grif Sadow
Hen: Lauren Traynor
Cow #1: Tara Martinsen
Cow #2: Amy Luedtke
Cow #3: Jessica Grams

Artistic Staff

Director: Cassandra Proball
Stage Manager: Marcie Anderson
Co – Scenic Design:  Brian Proball
Co Scenic Design & Puppets:  Gabriel Gomez
Prop Design:  Marcie Anderson
Costume Design:  Stacey Palmer
Light Design:  Matt McNabb
Sound Design:  Jeff Geisler
Light Board Operator:  Holly File