Lyric Arts receives many questions about donating clothing to our costume shop. Here are details on what we need, what we don’t, and how you can donate.

In the Costume Shop, it is a continual process to upgrade our current stock. In addition to creating new costumes for a particular production, we also maintain a collection of vintage clothing. We have wonderful support from our community, which has donated many of the garments you see on stage.

If you are interested in donating clothing items to the theater, here are the criteria that we use to evaluate the items.

For women
We can use vintage clothing from the 20’s through the 60’s.  The vintage clothing must be in good condition and can withhold wear during several runs of a production.  
Renaissance, Medieval, Elizabethan, Edwardian, and Victorian costumes are also pieces we are always in need of.  It doesn’t have to be authentic.
Lace-up boots of any size are always needed.
Character shoes in new or gently used condition are greatly appreciated.
Jewelry items should be large so as to be seen on stage. Useful items include brooches, pendants, and rings with visible stones.
We are also in need of corsets.
Unopened panty hose or tights are useful in our stock.
Petticoats, hoop skirts, and bloomers are always needed.

For men
Tuxedos are needed in size 42 or larger.
We have a need for some new or gently used tuxedo shirts.
Men’s dress shoes and boots are also needed.
We could use men’s suit vests in any size in good condition.
Men’s tailcoats in any color are needed.
Bowties, neckties, and ascots of any color are acceptable.

Most of the clothing worn by children in productions require specific period costumes. We do not need modern children’s clothing.  If you have period children’s costumes of this nature to donate, they would be useful to Lyric Arts. Lace-up boots are always welcome as well.

Character Costumes
If you have any unique character costumes you are willing to donate, we would love to take them.  These include kings, queens, animals, police officers, monsters, etc.

Fabric donations
We need a minimum of one yard.  We will also take trims and laces but need to be at least one yard

Costume Shop Supplies
If you have any notions such as buttons, spools of thread, elastic (1 yard minimum), Velcro, snaps, or interfacing we will accept those.  Our shop could always use sewing supplies such as fabric scissors, seam rippers, and measuring tape.

Items we do not accept
We rarely have productions that cast babies.  We do not accept baby clothing of any type.
We will not accept any wedding dresses or veils.
We will not accept modern bridesmaid or prom dresses.
Current day clothing cannot be accepted unless it can pass for another era.
We do not currently need trench or winter coats.
We will not accept any clothing that smells of smoke or any other odors.
We will not accept any clothing that needs major repair.
We do not accept any items with stains.

Thanks to all those who are interested in supporting our Costume Shop. Due to storage constraints, we must evaluate donations carefully. If you have questions about unique donations, please email our Costume Shop Manager, Stacey Palmer at  If your donation is accepted, we can provide you with a tax deductible receipt.  Thank you for your continued support!