With your help, we can:

  • Bring you fully-realized productions with sets, costumes, and props that continue to exceed your expectations.

  • Pay stipends to our talented artists that come closer to matching what they can make at other area theaters of our size and stature.

  • Bring in additional artistic and production personnel—like carpenters and technicians—who can help us reach an ever-growing level of artistic quality without having to rely solely on the work of volunteers.

  • Replace the worn-out and failing equipment we need in order to continue building our sets efficiently and safely.

  • Invest in up-to-date equipment and technology for lighting and sound that will greatly improve what you see and hear on our stage.

  • Begin to make necessary repairs and renovations to our facility.

  • Build financial reserves for use in case of an emergency. 

But, most importantly, your contribution will make it possible for us to do all of these things without raising ticket prices, keeping professional performing arts—and performing arts education programs—affordable and accessible in Anoka County.


Every dollar matters. Every donor makes a difference.