Auditions for Flavio Betrayed - A Commedia

By Scott Ford, based on a scenario published by Flaminio Scala in 1611.
Directed by Scott Ford

Show Information

Runs October 13–29, 2017 (11 performances)
First read-through scheduled for Tuesday, August 22.
Full performance schedule and show description found here. 

Open Call Auditions

Sunday, May 21, 2017            
6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Monday, May 22, 2017
6:30 pm to 9:30 pm


Wednesday, May 31, 2017
7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Show Description

This high-spirited comedy, written and directed by Resident Director Scott Ford, is filled with disguise, deceit, insults, romance, friendship, comic sword fights, gaudy hats, and stinky cheese. It follows the delightfully convoluted story of our hero Flavio, whose best friend is trying to steal the hand of his beloved Isabella, while her father attempts to marry her off to another suitor who is considerably past his prime. It is up to Isabella’s faithful and clever servant Pedrolino to dodge danger and keep them together.

This show will be performed using traditional commedia conventions filtered through a contemporary lens.  The style is robustly physical and the dialogue requires sharp comic timing. We are looking for actors who are physically and verbally adroit. Experience in clowning, movement, mask work, and/or stage combat is a plus.

Audition Information

Please familiarize yourself with our General Audition Guidelines before arriving.
Audition forms can be downloaded here

Actors of all racial and social backgrounds are strongly encouraged to audition.

Please prepare a high-energy comedic monologue of two minutes or less and a short section (less than 30 seconds) of a silly song to sing a cappella. We will likely do some physical improvisation during the audition as well.

Actors of all races and ethnicity are encouraged to audition. Lyric Arts is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion in the casting and therefore encourages actors of diverse backgrounds and underrepresented groups to audition.

Stipend Paid.

Character Descriptions This play contains the following stock Commedia characters

The Masters or Old Men (These characters are masked and may be played by M or F):

PANTALONE: a miser, a father, a gossip-monger, easily angered

DOCTORE GRATIANO: “wise” beyond comprehension, loves to hear himself talk, a father

CAPTAIN SPAVENTO: a swordsman and poet well past his prime, a pompous coward

The Lovers (These characters are not masked. All four pursue romance with hilarious passion)

FLAMINIA: daughter of Pantalone

ISABELLA: daughter of Gratiano, love of Flavio

FLAVIO: love of Isabella, friend of Oratio

ORATIO: friend of Flavio

The Zanni

COLUMBINA: servant in the home of Gratiano, sly but clueless, unassuming but resourceful, sometimes a flirt

ARLECCHINO: servant to Captain Spavento, of dubious intelligence, bit of a drinker, masked

BURRATINO: a likable innkeeper, prone to bursting into song

PEDROLINO: servant in the home of Gratiano, confidant of Isabella, sweet, industrious, masked, noble, faithful, always well-intentioned