Ages 4-6

Little Kids workshops offer young children an opportunity let their imaginations come to life in the world of theater! Students will build self-confidence and social skills while learning how to use their creativity and craft skills to tell live stories. 

Little Kids learn the meaning of “play” by creating their own modest, unique stage adaptations of children books by authors such as Dr. Seuss, Beatrix Potter, Shel Silverstein, Roald Dahl and others. Whether it's their first time in a theater class or they've been playing characters and singing and dancing all their young life, our workshops offer a safe and fun environment to play as they please!



LITTLE KIDS (Ages 4-6)

Giraffe and Penguin Problems

It’s not easy being penguin or a giraffe.  It’s either too cold, or your neck is too long, or your wardrobe doesn’t have any variety.  Featuring the popular books by Jory John, students will create imaginative characters and develop skills in collaboration while getting to express the unique side of themselves.  Watch all of your problems float away!

DATES: June 10–14 and July 15–19 | 9:00am–Noon
COST: $155

 Fractured Fairytales

Students will use their imaginations, paired with the fairytales they know and love, to create new characters and stories.  Throughout the week, students will learn theater fundamentals of stage presence and projections, all while having fun as wacky characters.

DATES: June 17–22 | 9:00am–Noon
COST: $155


The Shape of the Stage

Meet Triangle, Square, and Circle in this workshop based off of the best-selling “Shape Trilogy” by Mac Barnett.  Come play with these friends as they learn how to see wonder where others only see rocks and rubble.  You never know what adventures you might get into with these three, but it will certainly be memorable! 

DATES: June 24–28 and July 22–26 | 9:00am–Noon
COST: $155

Superheroes Unite!

Have you ever wished that you could fly, turn invisible, teleport, or turn anything you touch into candy?  Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes, and we all have the power to save the world.  Create your own secret identity, and work together to vanquish wrongdoers!  Masks and capes are optional for this workshop, but you will be sure to have tons of fun!

DATES: July 8–12 | 9:00am–Noon
COST: $155

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