Our Next Stage programs help young actors to discover their passion for live performance and provides opportunities for more experienced young artists to dig deeper into theater techniques and performance styles both of and off stage. Classes encourage individual creativity and unique voices while encouraging to work together as a group. Young performers will learn to grow artistically beyond what they already know and gain a deeper appreciation for different styles of theater perform.

Early Bird Pricing is $10 off listed price and ends on Monday, December 17

Auditioning and Show Prep: (Recommended for grades 6-12)

The first step to being in a show is getting through the audition and being cast.  But what is the director looking for, and what can you do to give yourself the best shot at landing the role?  This intensive workshop will teach vital auditioning skills, and get you ready for your next callback.  All experience levels are welcome!

DATES: Tuesdays, January 15–Feb 5, 5:15–6:45 pm

COST: $70 tuition

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Theatrical Design: (Recommended for grades 6-9)

If you have ever wondered what goes into creating a show outside of the acting, this is the class for you!  Each week we will explore new elements of theatrical design, from sets to costumes, lighting and beyond.  Professional designers will show you how to come up with an idea, and bring that concept to life.  No experience required!

DATES: Tuesdays, Feb 19–March 26, 5:15–6:45 pm (No class March 5 or March 12)

COST: $85 tuition

Improv 101: (Recommended for grades 6-9)

Popularized by shows like Whose Line is it Anyway, improv is a skill that every actor should have in their toolbox.  This class will work on warm-ups, object work, storytelling, trusting your instincts, and being comfortable working on the fly.  If you have never tried improv, or want to brush up your skills, this is the class for you!

DATES: Saturdays, January 19–Mar 23, 11:00 am-12:30pm (No class on March 16)

COST: $130 tuition

Improv 202: LA CITY: (Recommended for grades 9-12, or experienced students)

Returning by popular request, LA CITY is an improv troupe for experienced students who are looking to hone their skills, culminating in a public performance.  This class is for any student who has participated in a prior Lyric Arts workshop, or has any other improv experience.  Come be a part of the CITY family!

Saturdays, April 6–May 25, 11:00 am-12:30pm (8 sessions)
COST: $130 tuition


The Classics: (Recommended for grades 9-12)

Theatre as we know it would not exist if not for the classic works of the past.  The styles of the ancient Greek chorus, Shakespeare, Commedia dell’arte, and more, influence many acting techniques used today.  This class will teach students the styles of the past, and give them skills for the future.

Tuesdays, April 2–May 7, 5:15–6:45 pm
COST: $100 tuition

Workshop Registration Information

Register Online:  Online registration is open. Register here.

Register by mail:  Send a completed registration form plus a check or credit card information to:  Lyric Arts Main Street Stage, 420 E. Main St., Anoka, MN 55303.

Register by phone:  Call Eli Halterman, Education Director at 763-233-0804 and pay by credit card over the phone.

Browse our workshop pages to find something that interests you! If you have any questions, visit our FAQs page (scroll down to the workshops heading) or call our Education Director at 763-233-0804 for more details.