Written by Steph DeFerie
Directed by Laura Bidgood

Everyone's favorite gumshoe is back for yet another exciting quest. Old Granny Possum is engaging us in one of her unusual stories, when she's suddenly kidnapped by a band of scurvy pirates! Can Nick outwit the kidnappers and save her or is she gone for good? He'll need any help he can get - fortunately, Puss in Boots is ready to lend a paw as he meets Rumpelstiltskin, Cinderella, Prince Charming, Snow White, and a couple of the Seven Dwarves. See if you can help Nick and his fairy tale friends solve the case in this adventure made for the whole family. 


Nick Tickle: Nate Otto
Granny Possum: Deborah Schee
Puss in Boots: Brielle Carmicheal
Rumpelstiltskin: Charlie Smith
Mrs. Stiltskin: Taylor Christian
Bluebeard: John Hage
Fairy Godmother: Tara Martinsen
Queen Cupcake: Megan Ward
Mirror: Joe Rand
Prince Charming: Luke Thomley
Cinderella: Rebekah Olson
Snow White: Ceanna Starr
Eve: Evelyn Smith
Pearle: Hope Nielsen
Bert: Kaitlin McLeod
Wayne: Noah Hofstede
Vinnie: Madeleine Worthington
Pirate Gang: Noah Hofstede, Kaitlin McLeod, Nick Ward

Artistic Staff

Director: Laura Bidgood
Stage Manager: Kris Olson
Production Manager and Sound Designer: Joanna Diem
Technical Director and Props Master: Patrick Vitat-Schwartz
Scenic Designer: Alan Pagel
Lighting Designer: Nick Orsenberg
Costume Designer: Kris Livingston