Feb 19–28, 2016

By Deborah Lynn Frockt
(Adapted from the original works of Lewis Carroll)
Directed by Cassandra Proball

It’s a very ordinary and rather boring day for Alice until she spots a White Rabbit with a pocket watch whizzing through a world that’s beyond imagination! Her insatiable curiosity draws her into a madcap adventure in which she meets remarkable characters like the Caterpillar, Talking Flowers, a Duchess and her Cook, a Gryphon and Mock Turtle, a Mad Hatter and a March Hare. When Alice finally catches up with the White Rabbit in the Queen’s Court, she’s in for her biggest adventure of all. In its inaugural year, this “Theater for Young Performers” production is a journey through the wonder-filled world of Alice and a delight for the adventurous of any age.

Production Photos



Painter/Royal Painter: Liam Barnes
Alice: Carlie Campos Ott
The Dutchess: Callie Dochterman
The White Rabbit: Sage Ftacek
Humpty Dumpty/Puppet Team: Zachary Glaser
Dodo/Voice of Mock Turtle/Puppet Team: Ella Green
Lory/Daisy/Dormouse: Addison Griemann
Queen of Hearts: Carlyn Grande
Cook: Aidan Hefner
Voice of Cheshire Cat/Puppet Team: Benjamin Lockwood
Tweedle Dum/King of Hearts: Judah Neel
White Knight/Puppet Team: Aurora Riehm
Duck/Rose/March Hare: Kadyn Ruis
Tweedle Dee/Knave of Hearts: Logan Schuneman
Mouse/Lily/Mad Hatter: Hannah Stanback
Voice of Caterpillar/Puppet Team: Abigail Thomas
Voice of Gryphon/Puppet Team: Travis Wickland

Artistic Staff

Director: Cassandra Proball
Asst. Director/Youth Manager: Joe Black
Stage Manager: Bri Collins
Scenic Designer: Jane Ryan
Costume Designer: Stephanie Mueller
Lighting Designer: Adam Raine
Puppet Designer: Gabriel Gomez
Properties Designer: Emma Davis
Sound Designer: Abe Gabor
Makeup Designer: Megan Weisenberger
Asst. Stage Manager: Gina Grandner
Backstage Crew: Tatiana Menth, Courtney Draves
Catwalk Crew: Will Rosin