Nov 16–Dec 16, 2012

Written by Thomas Meehan
Music by Charles Strouse
Directed by Rebecca Rizzio

When spunky, redheaded orphan Annie is chosen to spend Christmas with billionaire Oliver Warbucks, the two quickly become friends and set out on a search for Annie's parents. Unfortunately, Miss Hannigan, the cruel orphanage matron has her own plans in mind. Celebrate the 35th anniversary of this heart-warming musical which boasts one of Broadway's most memorable scores, including It's the Hard-Knock Life, Easy Street, and the optimistic Tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar, Annie will bring a smile to your face and a bounce to your step.

Production Photos



Annie: Regan Duffy
Miss Hannigan: Caroline Kaiser
Oliver Warbucks: Corey Okonek
Grace Farrell: Anna Lakin
Rooster Hannigan: Adam Rousar
Lily St. Regis: Alicia Leemkuil
Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt: Bob Price
Molly: Brayli Carmichael
Pepper: Rebekah Olsen
Duffy: Alexa Johnson
Kate: Olivia Dahl
Tessie: Carly Grande
July: Emily Smith
Lt. Ward/Harold Ickes: Rick Gabriel
Morganthau: Jeffrey Maas
Drake: Warren Sampson
Annette: Elizabeth Wolfe
Mrs. Greer: Carole Conama
Mrs. Pugh: Frida McCracken
Star To Be: Mary Palazzolo-Rudquist
Bert Healy: Steve Florman
Connie Boylan: Shanda Hannan
Ronnie Boylan: Terra Favilla
Bonnie Boylan: Laurel Kaeferlein
Francis Perkines: Sally Kimmes
Sandy: Hudy
Sandy's Handler: Liz Louis

Artistic Staff

Director: Rebecca Rizzio
Music Director: Louis Berg-Arnold
Choreographer: Jeff Quast
Stage Manager: Erin Green
Scenic Designer: Alan Pagel
Costume Designer: Lisa Mangone
Lighting Designer: Nick Osenberg
Properties Designer: Anna Clickenger
Sound Designer: Jeff Geisler
Asst. Stage Manager: Linda Monroe