Aug 17–19, 2018


Original Work by the Lyric Arts Youth Theater Ensemble
ted by the Lyric Arts Youth Theater Ensemble

This summer, the Lyric Arts Youth Theater Ensemble will present an entirely new play; written, devised, and designed by these young theater artists! Butterfly is about the fears we all face and how to tackle them told in an exciting, touching, and humorous story that takes place over different timelines and alternate universes, where seemingly small choices can have gigantic outcomes.

Production Photos

Ensemble Members

Clara Bortnem
Katie Calger
Kaitlyn Callahan
Cassie Devries
Annika Hall
Aidan Hefner
Jackson Peterson
Bailey Rosdahl
Emily Rosdahl
Will Rosin
Taylor Torok


Written by Aidan Hefner
Bea: Katie Calger
Gwen: Kaitlyn Callahan
Nat: Aidan Hefner
James: Jackson Peterson

The Boy in the Stars
Written by Bailey Rosdahl & Cassie Devries
Sadie: Emily Rosdahl
Leo/Carson: Jackson Peterson
Carson: Aidan Hefner
Jeff: Taylor Torok
Amy: Kaitlyn Callahan

Day and Night
Written by Kaitlyn Callahan
Day: Annika Hall
Emma: Taylor Torok
Mom: Bailey Rosdahl

Artistic Staff

Playwriters: Kaitlyn Callahan, Aidan Hefner, Bailey Rosdahl
Directors: Clara Bortnem, Aidan Hefner
Choreographers: Emily Rosdahl, Taylor Torok
Stage Managers: Clara Bortnem, Cassie Devries, Will Rosin
Scenic Designers: Annika Hall, Jackson Peterson, Will Rosin
Costume Designers: Kaitlyn Callahan, Jackson Peterson, Emily Rosdahl
Lighting Designers: Katie Calger, Cassie Devries, Will Rosin
Sound Designers: Katie Calger, Bailey Rosdahl, Taylor Torok


Company Manager/Stage Management: Sophie Geerdes
Technical Director: Emily Ludewig
Playwrighting: Tim Lord, Andrew Rosendorf
Choreography: Aaron Deets
Scenic Design: Kenton Jones
Costume Design: Claire Campbell
Lighting Design: Kurt Jung
Sound Design: Paul Estby