By John Patrick Bray
Directed by Craig Johnson

It’s 1944 and while the boys are off at war, families are curled up by their radio sets to catch an extra special Christmas radio broadcast with WLAG’s New York radio star, Max Tyrone. The cast and producers of the local weekly live radio show, including the lovely Welsh Sisters, are all abuzz as they prepare to present Christmas in the Airwaves. Max is home for the holidays to sell the family farm, before heading back to the Big Apple. When news breaks of a major air strike, attention is turned to Europe as Gloria Welsh worries about her fiancé, serving as a pilot overseas. It’s a hometown tale of love, loss, and the things we hold most dear.

A heartwarming and nostalgic slice of war-time American life, Christmas in the Airwaves is a radio show filled with charming vignettes including The Shade, The Flying Amazement, and Jack Kaster, Private Eye, while telling the story of the people behind the microphone. This world premiere piece written for Lyric Arts by John Patrick Bray is brimming with old time holiday memories and beloved Christmas standards. It’s sure to rekindle feelings of hope and optimism during the holiday season with a look back at a bygone era.

Production Photos

Photo credit: Michael Traynor


The Cast

missy hilDebrandt aLICE wELSH

missy hilDebrandt

Jordan oxborough Max Tyrone

Jordan oxborough
Max Tyrone

Michael conroy Hubert

Michael conroy

Sarah Frazier Gloria Welsh

Sarah Frazier
Gloria Welsh

Anthony R Johnson Skip

Anthony R Johnson



Dann Peterson Philip

Dann Peterson

Brendan Veerman winston "Buck" Carver

Brendan Veerman
winston "Buck" Carver

Christy nix Edna

Christy nix

Artistic Staff

Director: Craig Johnson
Music Director: Andrew Walker
Costume Designer: Stephanie Mueller
Scenic Designer: Jane Ryan
Light Designer: Adam Raine
Sound Designer: Jason Hobbie
Master Electrician: Adam Raine
Prop Master: Emma Davis
Prop Designer: Travis Collins
Sound Tech: Abe Gabor
Stage Manager: Haley Walsh
Assistant Stage Manager: Blues Bland
Assistant Stage Manager: Megan Weisenberger