Feb 13–Mar 8, 2015

Music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by James Lapine
Directed by Matt McNabb

A rare modern classic, Into the Woods follows Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack - of beanstalk fame - and a baker and his wife as they take a journey into the dark and shadowy woods to make their wishes come true. It's a magical, bewildering place full of witches, wolves, giants, and mysterious strangers where familiar fairy tales get tangled up together. Wishes are granted here, but at a price. Even storybook characters must face the music - of which there is plenty - in Sondheim and Lapine's irreverent and beloved Tony Award winner.

Production Photos



The Narrator: Carter Skull
Cinderella: Alyssa Seifert
Jack: Sam Sanderson
Jack's Mother: Corey de Danann
The Baker: Joseph Pyfferoen
The Baker's Wife: Kelly Matthews
Cinderella's Stepmother/The Giant: Debbie Swanson
Florinda: Anne Brown
Lucinda: Katharine Strom
Cinderella's Father/The Mysterious Man: David Dexter
The Witch: Lara Trujillo
Little Red Ridinghood: Nykeigh Larson
Milky White/The Wolf: Gabriel Gomez
Rapunzel/Cinderella's Mother: Molly Jo Hall
Rapunzel's Prince/The Wolf/Granny: Kyler Chase
Cinderella's Prince: Daniel Vinitsky
The Prince's Steward: Ryan Hollingsworth


Piano/Conductor: Louis Berg-Arnold
Violins: Jonathan Flory, Lorine Menzhuber
Viola: Laura Bidgood
Cello: Kirsten Moon
Flute/Clarinet: Jack Wass
Bassoons: Wes Huisinga, Maggie Rottach
Trumpet: Pete Berg
Percussion: Drew Berg

Artistic Staff

Director: Matt McNabb
Music Director: Louis Berg-Arnold
Choreographer: Penelope Freeh
Stage Managers: Cameron Butler, Nate Stanger
Scenic Designer: Ben Olson
Costume Designer: Samantha Kuhn Staneart
Lighting Designer: Courtney Schmitz
Puppet Designer: Gabriel Gomez
Specialty Prop Designer: Mark Lopez
Sound Designer: Jeff Geisler
Makeup Designer: Megan Weisenberger
Asst. Stage Managers: Mari Fauver, Cody Wagner
Sound Board Operator: Tori Line
Follow Spot Operators: Bob Francis, Danna Sheridan