Dec 7–21, 2013

Script by Allison Gregory
Based on the book by Barbara Park
Directed by Laura Bidgood

It’s Christmas season in Room One, and first-grader Junie B. is a mix of emotions.  Visions of goodies from the school’s holiday gift shop frolic about her mind.  But, at the same time, she worries that the Holiday Sing-Along could resemble the disaster of skits past.  And worst of all, the drawing for the Secret Santa gift exchange has stuck her with the least desirable name in the class – Tattletale May.  Follow along with Junie B. as she learns to cope with her challenged holiday spirit, struggles to find the right gift, and brightens holiday spirits along the way.

Production Photos



Mr. Scary: Dan Maertens   
Elf Ellen/Mr. Toot: Deborah Schee   
Junie B. Jones: Janie Bender    
Lucille: Jessica Scott    
Sheldon: Joe Rand   
May: Kelly Houlehan    
Herb: Nate Otto   
Grandpa/ Philip Johnny Bob: Rick Gabriel    
Jose: Joe Black  

Artistic Staff

Director: Laura Bidgood
Stage Manager: Lyndsey Harter
Scenic Designer: Brian Proball
Costume Designer: Kris Livingston
Lighting Designer: Jim Eischen
Properties Designer: Marcelline Anderson
Sound Designer: Rob Frost
Sound Board Operator: Holly Molskness