Jan 10–26, 2014

Written by William Inge
Directed by Scott Ford

On Labor Day weekend, a handsome drifter with a troubled past wanders into a small Kansas town. His unexpected presence and animal vitality stir up some long buried emotions amongst the woman of this once peaceful community, starting a chain reaction that causes Madge Owens to consider gambling her potential marriage to a wealthy boyfriend for a chance at true love with a rebellious and sensitive stranger. Picnic is William Inge’s greatest work, a portrait of small-town life in America’s heartland and winner of the 1953 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

Production Photos



Madge Owens: Sarah Frazier
Hal Carter: Jarome Smith
Millie Owens: Nykeigh Larson
Flo Owens: Lisa Weaver
Alan Seymour: Randy Niles
Rosemary Sydney: Kate Beahen
Helen Potts: Christine Winkler Johnson
Howard Bevens: Anthony R. Johnson
Irma Kronkite: Michelle Storm
Christine Schoenwalder: Christy Nix
Bomber: Matt Zierden

Artistic Staff

Director: Scott Ford
Stage Manager/Properties Designer: Marcie Anderson
Scenic Designer: Brian Proball
Costume Designer: Samantha Fromm Haddow
Lighting Designer: Matt McNabb
Sound Designer: Topher Pirkl