May 30–Jun 14, 2014

Written by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, Jamie Wooten
Directed by Dann Peterson

In this riotously funny Southern-fried comedy, written by Hope, Jones, and Wooten—also known for The Dixie Swim Club and Hallelujah Girls—the three Verdeen cousins could not have picked a worse time to take over planning the family reunion, but they can’t back out now. Unfortunately, they face an uphill battle as a parade of wildly eccentric Verdeens gathers on the hottest day of July, smack-dab in the middle of Texas tornado season. As this fast-paced romp barrels toward its uproarious climax, you’ll wish your own family reunions were this much fun!

Production Photos



Cee Cee Windham/Mama Doll Hargis: Chari Eckmann
Gaynelle Verdeen Bodeen: Wendy Hathaway
La Merle Verdeen Minshew: Mary Cutler
Uncle Aubrey Verdeen: Leigh Webber
Jimmie Wyvette Verdeen: Cassandra Proball
Peaches Wyvette Verdeen: Gina Sauer 
Bitsy Hargis: Laura Erchul
Newt Blaylock: Dan Maertans
Purvis Verdeen/Sheriff Grover Lout: Tim Como
Elsa Dowdall: Michelle Storm

Artistic Staff

Director: Dann Peterson
Stage Manager: Nate Stanger
Scenic Designer: Kirby Moore
Costume Designer: Samantha Fromm Haddow
Lighting Designer: Erin Belpedio
Properties Designer: Marcie Anderson
Sound Designer: Lynn Musgrave
Asst. Stage Managers: Wendy Hesley, Stacy Kohout
Sound Board Operator: Katrina Hansen