Apr 28–May 7, 2017

By David Mamet
Music by Alaric Jans
Directed by Brian J Proball

Binky Rudich, his friend Viv, and his almost human sheep Bob, tinker with a two-speed clock with the idea that, as Binky says, "Time on Earth moves at the same speed all the time, but there is another speed, a slower speed, and if we could find it, everything would stand still on Earth and we would spin off." And they do! To Crestview, Fourth World in the Goolagong System, ruled by George Topax and guarded by the Great Space Pandas.

Pulitzer-prize winning playwright, David Mamet, pens this colorful children’s sci-fi fantasy full of vibrant characters and hilarious dialogue perfectly suited to our second annual Theater for Young Performers production. 

Production Photos


Leonard "Binky" Rudich: Judah Neel
Vivian Mooster: Kadyn Ruis
Bob the Sheep: Greta Erickson
Mrs. Rudich/George Topax: Hanna Stenback
Edward Farpis: Sage Ftacek
Robot Court Jester: Alex Daraitis
Panda "Hank": Carlyn Grande
Panda "Buffy": Jaida Ruis
Panda "Boots": Liam Barnes
Panda "Bill": Logan Schuneman
Panda "Executioner": Sean Cook
Panda "Citizen": Maggie Page

Artistic Staff

Director: Brian J Proball
Asst. Director: Joe Black
Stage Manager: Jenna Hyde
Scenic Designer: Eli Schattler
Costume Designer: Samantha Kuhn Staneart
Lighting Designer: Grant Merges
Properties Designer: Emma Davis
Specialty Prop Designer: Nate Otto
Sound Designer: Paul Estby
Make-up Designer: Megan Weisenberger
Asst. Costume Designer: Bronson Talcott
Asst. Stage Managers: Lea Brucker, Will Rosin
Sound Board Operator: Clara Bortnem