Mar 23–Apr 15, 2018

Book by Joe Masteroff
Music and Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Bock
Directed by Scott Ford

Music Direction by Louis Berg-Arnold
Choreography by Penelope Freeh

This Tony Award-winning musical is set in a 1930’s European perfumery, where we meet two shop clerks, Amalia and Georg, who, more often than not, don’t see eye-to-eye. What they don’t know is that they both responded to the same “lonely hearts” advertisement in the newspaper. They each live for the love letters they receive from each other, without knowing that the other is the one writing them.

Considered by many to be the most charming musical ever written, She Loves Me is a warm romantic comedy with an endearing innocence and a touch of old world elegance.

Production Photos


Maxwell Ward  Arpad Lazlo

Maxwell Ward
Arpad Lazlo

Jonathan Goodman  Ladislav Sipos

Jonathan Goodman
Ladislav Sipos

Karissa Lade  Ilona Ritter

Karissa Lade
Ilona Ritter

Brandon Osero  Steven Kodaly

Brandon Osero
Steven Kodaly

Joseph Hitchcock  Georg Nowack

Joseph Hitchcock
Georg Nowack

Steven Meerdink  Mr. Maraczek

Steven Meerdink
Mr. Maraczek

Katherine Fried  Amalia Balash

Katherine Fried
Amalia Balash

Brendan Veerman  head waiter

Brendan Veerman
head waiter

Jami snively  Busser

Jami snively

James ehlenz  Ensemble

James ehlenz

Abbi Fern  Ensemble

Abbi Fern

Mitchell Gray  Ensemble

Mitchell Gray

Kayla Hambek  Ensemble

Kayla Hambek

Armando Ronconi  Ensemble

Armando Ronconi

Courtney VonVett  Ensemble

Courtney VonVett

Sommer Walters  Ensemble

Sommer Walters


Conductor/Keyboard: Louis Berg-Arnold
Keyboard: Bradley Beahen
Reeds: Wes Huisinga, Benjamin Wagner
Trumpet: Pete Berg
Horn: Cristina Werling
Violins: Lorine Menzhuber, Anna Murphy, Anna Olson
Viola: Laura Bidgood
Cello: Melanie Yang
Bass: Ed Rudolph
Percussion: Michael Conroy

Artistic Staff

Director: Scott Ford
Music Director: Louis Berg-Arnold
Choreographer: Penny Freeh
Stage Manager: Jenna Hyde
Scenic Designer: Mark Koski
Costume Designer: Samantha Kuhn Staneart
Lighting Designer: Jim Eischen
Properties Designer: Emma Davis
Sound Designers: Jason Hobbie
Scenic Painter: Kenton Jones
Asst. Stage Managers: Gretch Nordman, Leita Strei
Sound Board Operator: Tom Prestin
Follow Spot Operators: Blues Bland, Nicholas Carlstrom, Lisa Freitag, Kelley Yount