Jun 8–24, 2018

By Robert Harling
Directed by Angela Timberman

Filled with sidesplitting repartee—and more than a few acerbic but humorous verbal collisions, Steel Magnolias is hilarious and touching and, in the end, reveals a deep emotional truth underlying the witty banter of its eccentric characters.

Set in an in-home beauty parlor owned and operated by the outspoken and wise-cracking Truvy, this modern classic explores the deep bond that forms between a group of outspoken Southern women as they share their triumphs and tragedies with each other.

Production Photos


Lisa Vogel  truvy Jones

Lisa Vogel
truvy Jones

sulia altenberg  annelle Dupuy-desoto

sulia altenberg
annelle Dupuy-desoto

kathleen hardy  clairee belcher

kathleen hardy
clairee belcher

juliette aaslestad  Shelby eatenton-latcherie

juliette aaslestad
Shelby eatenton-latcherie

anni amberg  m'lynn eatenton

anni amberg
m'lynn eatenton

jane hammill-golembeck  ouiser boudreaux

jane hammill-golembeck
ouiser boudreaux

Artistic Staff

Director: Angela Timberman
Asst. Director & Dramaturg: Emily England
Stage Manager: Jenna Hyde
Scenic Designer: Benjamin Kramer
Costume Designer: Lucas Skjaret
Lighting Designer: Kurt Jung
Properties Designers: Emma Davis, Laura Estby
Sound Designer: Jason Hobbie
Hair & Makeup Designer: Lea Brucker
Asst. Stage Managers: Lea Brucker, Krisie Gallagher, Gretch Nordman
Dialect Coach: Keely Wolter
Sound Board Operator: Emily Ludewig