Superhero Slam!

Week-long camps at Urban Air Adventure Park in Coon Rapids*

Superhero Slam! is a camp where each day kids will have one-hour of play time at Urban Air Adventure Park and then retreat to the upstairs “Watchtower” where they will use their most important superpower–their imagination.  Students will play performance-enhancing games, watch movies, create their own superheroes, and write their own inspiring stories! Each new day is a chance to discover what new superpowers through the exploration of Urban Air Adventure Park.

Monday through Friday, 9am to 4pm

DC Vs. Marvel - Aug 6-10 - Ages 8-12

COST: $295 for the entire week!

*height restrictions apply to some of the attractions
**consent form will need to be signed for participation in the classes


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Register by phone: Call Eli Halterman, Education Director at 763-233-0804 and pay by credit card over the phone.

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