Make a monthly (or an annual) sustaining donation

Making monthly (or an annual) sustaining donation is no-hassle way to contribute to Lyric Arts. Through Lyric Arts’ donation page, you can schedule a secure payment using your credit or debit card or have it automatically withdrawn from your bank account.

Sustaining donors make an on-going contribution, meaning that you will be charged the same amount each month or year until you make the decision to stop it or change it—and you can make changes to your contribution schedule at any time.

Making a sustaining contribution is incredibly convenient, as you won’t need to worry about remembering to send in your check. You will have the benefit or receive fewer mailings and you will save Lyric Arts money on postage, paper, and other administrative costs, allowing the theater to put more of your contribution toward fulfilling our mission in the community.

To make a monthly or annual sustaining donation, please contact Lyric Arts directly at 763-422-1838

Make a multi-year pledge

To make a multi-year pledge, please contact our Executive & Artistic Director, Laura Tahja Johnson ( or 763-233-0801).