Ages 12+

Our workshops for teens provide opportunities for more experienced students to further hone their training and for those just discovering theater to jump right in. 

Private coaching is available in a variety of areas including audition prep, vocal performance, and Shakespearean acting. Teens will be challenged to think critically about the material, hone in on performance quality, and push themselves to new performance levels.


Audition Prep

Whether you are preparing for a specific show or looking at college auditions, there is a lot to consider.  This class will go through every step of the audition process, from choosing a monologue to accepting the role and everything in between.  Don’t be caught off guard by any step of the way, be prepared!

DATES: July 22–Aug 2 | 9:00am–1:00pm,
COST: $275


Calling all writers and creative types!  This two-week workshop will show you how to take your ideas and give them life on stage.  Learn the basics of character development, plot, structure, and more, and walk away with your very own 10-minute play!

DATES: July 8–19 | Noon–4:00pm
COST: $275

 Improv Skills

Whether you are new to improv, or a seasoned veteran, fun surprises will arise because nothing is ever the same twice!  No rehearsals, no pre-determined characters, and definitely no scripts.  Throughout this class, students will learn tips and skills on thinking quick and going with the flow.

DATES: June 24th – 28th | 9:00am–4:00pm
COST: $270


Skills & Styles

Get a one week intensive in our skills and styles workshops we offer throughout the year!  Each afternoon is a new acting experience devoted to specific acting skills and styles for both stage and film.

Contemporary Acting: July 30th

Learn how to break down scenes and discover how to get your characters into action using scenes from New York’s newest plays.

Directing the Actor: July 31st

See what it’s like to be on the other side of acting!

No Fear Shakespeare: August 1st

Get an understanding of what makes Shakespeare’s plays the most seen in American theatre

On Camera Acting Techniques: August 2nd

Learn the basics of acting in front of the camera.  The differences between film and stage are large and this day will break down what to do while performing for film.

DATES: July 30–Aug 2 | Noon–4:00pm
COST: $180

Workshop Registration Information

Register Online:  Online registration is open. Register now.

Register by mail:  Send a completed registration form plus a check or credit card information to:  Lyric Arts Main Street Stage, 420 E. Main St., Anoka, MN 55303.

Register by phone:  Call Eli Halterman, Education Director at 763-233-0804 and pay by credit card over the phone.

Browse our workshop pages to find something that interests you! If you have any questions, visit our FAQs page (scroll down to the workshops heading) or call our Education Director at 763-233-0804 for more details.