Volunteers are special people who dedicate their time to help people, organizations, and charities. As a non-profit organization, Lyric Arts Main Street Stage depends on volunteers to help keep the theater alive. Without our volunteers, we would not exist.

In a theater, many different skills and talents are combined in order to achieve a common goal. Your unique talents might be more highly valued than you realize. See below for ideas about ways you can get involved. 

If you are interested in volunteering at Lyric Arts please contact Matt McNabb (763-422-1838 or volunteer@lyricarts.org) or fill out one of the forms below.

Front of House Volunteers

Front of House volunteers are the people who “keep the ship running” on performance nights with the help of the Front of House Manager.  Here are some ways you can get involved:

Come lead our guests to the edge of their seats as they enjoy another fabulous Lyric Arts performance.

Be the first smiling face that our eager audience members see here at Lyric Arts, as they pick up tickets for the next much, anticipated show.  18 years or older, please.

Wine Bar
Engage the audience as you slake their thirst.  We’d love to have your help serving audience members.  Must be 21 years of age or older.

This is a position for those out there that love multi-tasking.  You’ll hear everything and talk to everyone as a concession volunteer, making popcorn and change, and serving all kinds of goodies to an appreciative public.  16 years or older, please.

Lead Usher
Followers need not apply.  You’ll be a leader in this position as you guide both audience members and other ushers.

Program Distributor
Looking for your first step into volunteering?  This position is perfect for you, then.  Come get to know us and the audience here at Lyric Arts and distribute programs and playbills.  This position is open to all, even kids as young as 6 at our Mainly for Kids productions.

To sign up for front of house volunteer opportunities, please click the link below.

Artistic Volunteers 

Name *

Looking for an outlet to showcase your hidden (or even not so hidden) talents?  All our productions are only made possible with the talent of our volunteer actors.  Come audition with us today.

Assistant Stage Manager
If you love multitasking and the theater, and want to learn a more about what goes on behind the scenes, this position is for you.

Hair Designers
Are your friends getting tired of you teasing, poking, taming, or otherwise styling their tresses?  We’d welcome the chance to put our actors’ hair in your hands.

Costume Seamstresses
If you’re hooked on Project Runway, love sewing new creations, or just handy with a needle, we could use you in our costume shop.

Period Set Dressers
If your family has gotten sick of your constant rearranging of the living room, it’s time to bring your talents to Lyric Arts, and help arrange our sets.  This position will also require some historical research.

Strike Sets
Do you love taking things apart?  We can always use more hands.  Bonus – you don’t even have to put things back together!

Spot Light Operator
If you were a whiz at Duck Hunt, you’d make a perfect spot light operator as you guide the light to follow the actor’s actions.  Don’t be intimidated, we’ll help train you.  This commitment is for Tech Week and the entire run of the show, 14 years or older, please.

Light Board Operator
Were you the kid that drove your parents nuts flipping the lights on and off, over and over again?  As a volunteer light board operator, you can experience that fun all over again, this time for a good cause, and we’ll even train you!  This commitment is for Tech Week and the entire run of the show, 14 years or older, please.

Sound Board Operators
Sound board operators are an integral part of every show, ensuring that the audience is able to hear every word as their drawn into the magic of the performance.  This commitment is for Tech Week and the entire run of the show, 14 years or older, please.

Set Builders/Painters
So, you’ve run out of home improvements or you need a distraction from their drudgery, then put your skills to use helping us build the sets that are such an important part of our productions.

Make-Up Artist
Make-up artists are another important part of every production.  You can come help emphasize our actors’ features and expressions with your volunteering.

Backstage Crew
Backstage crew members are the magic behind the scenes, sliding set pieces around right under the audience’s noses, prepping props, and helping every production run smoothly.  Come put your ninja-like stealth to the test in our next production.

Don’t let all those lessons and practice go to waste!  We’d love to have you and your instrument join us for our next audition.

Audition Helper
As actors and actresses vie for parts in another stunning Lyric Arts performance, you’ll be the one to impose order within the chaos.  Don’t let that be intimidating; with organizational skills in hand, you’ll tackle this position easily.

Backstage Supervisor
Are you able to find order in chaos?  Or maybe you’re an island of calm in stormy seas.  If so, you’d be perfect as a backstage supervisor, ensuring that productions move smoothly.

Name *

Office Volunteers

Office Assistant
The sky’s the limit with this position.  If you have a special skill that you think Lyric Arts can’t live without, let us know how you can help.

Workshop Assistant
Are you interested in getting to know Lyric Arts artistic staff, or want to learn more about the other programs we offer?  Come help out at a workshop as students of all ages learn more about all aspects of the theater.  *Note, we ask that volunteers not be of the same age group as the workshop they are assisting with.

Box Office
Help sell tickets to our walk up-guests and over the phone. No experience necessary!

Volunteer Phone Assistant
What we’re looking for here, is a Chatty Cathy who wants to call people to help promote Lyric Arts and its programs.

At Lyric Arts, every volunteer position is important.  This is no “go-fer” position.  We need people who love the organization and are looking for some way to help out.

Name *

Publicity Volunteers

Street Team
We’re looking for animated people who love our nonprofit to hit the ground and get out the word about the Lyric Arts Company of Anoka.  Street Team members hang posters and distribute flyers to a list of businesses who are excited to receive them.

Online Street Team
Come put that time you spend chatting on the internet to use promoting Lyric Arts.  Tweet, post, update, upload, and in short, introduce your online community to Lyric Arts.

Publicity Team
If you love writing, update your blog daily, see yourself as a budding journalist or PR Rep, or even just want to help us tell the world how fabulous Lyric Arts is, then this is the volunteer position for you.  Any and all of these skills would be a welcome addition to our publicity team

Name *

Special Events Volunteers

Food Preparation
Everyone’s got a skill they love to show-off.  If yours is cooking or if you just love the camaraderie that goes with preparingfood with someone else, we’d love for you to share your skills at special events like Donor Appreciation Night, Merchant Night, and other special events and receptions that pop up throughout the year, including the annual fundraiser.

Food Servers
You’re probably asking yourself, what fun could serving food to potential donors be?  But with the great group of staff and volunteers here at Lyric Arts, every job brings an element of fun.  Plus, you get to be a part of the action for all our special events and receptions, including the annual fundraiser.

Annual Fundraiser Volunteers

Fundraising Advocate
Come share your special story about the impact Lyric Arts has had in your life.  Maybe you met your spouse performing in a show, or maybe you saw a fabulous new interpretation of your favorite production.  Stories like those help communicate to donors why Lyric Arts is such a valuable organization.

Fundraising Organizer
Fundraising is an important part of Lyric Arts.  We only have one fundraiser per year and need to make the most of it.  Come bring your love of Lyric Arts and organizing skills to the cabaret!

Lobby Decorator
With the Cabaret as our only fundraiser, we need helping hands in every category.  Come help us transform the lobby into a space that will enchant our donors.

Food Preparation
Everyone’s got a skill they love to show-off.  If yours is cooking or if you just love the camaraderie that goes with preparing food with someone else, we’d love if you could share your skills during our annual fundraiser.

Donation Callers
Want to tell your story about Lyric Arts to potential donors?  We can use your help to make the case for continued funding.

Donation Pickups
Love spending time in your car?  Meeting new people?  We can always use help picking up the items that people generously donate to the fundraiser.

Food Servers
You’re probably asking yourself, what fun could serving food to potential donors be?  But with the great group of staff and volunteers here at Lyric Arts, every job brings an element of fun.  And don’t forget this is an important position, as we woo donors to help support our organization for another year.

Door Greeters
Come show our donors how important Lyric Arts is to you, by being the first shining and enthusiastic face they see on the night of the cabaret.

Other Ways to Volunteer

Committee Members
Like any good nonprofit, Lyric Arts relies on volunteers to serve on a number of committees. If you consider yourself an expert at something, we bet there’s a committee that could use those talents!

Volunteer Trainer (18+)
Think you know all the ins and outs of volunteering at Lyric Arts?! Come put that knowledge to the test, as you help us train yet another fantastic group of volunteers.

Tour Guide
That’s right, in addition to all the other programs, Lyric Arts also does tours. Here’s your opportunity to showcase your knowledge as you can give the public a behind-the-scenes tour of our theater.