A Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas

Running Time:


Age Recommendation: 6+

Positive messages




The only physical violence onstage is limited to bullying, but the death of Baby Freddie is openly discussed throughout the show.  The show opens with the graveside service of Baby Freddie and the rest of the family discusses his death quite a bit in the first scene and sporadically throughout the play.  Johnny Steadman bullies Laura and the other children using practical jokes, pulling hair, name-calling, etc.



There are no references to sex, but Ma and Pa do announce they’re expecting a baby at the end of the show.



There is no use of obscene or offensive language

Drinking, drugs, & smoking


There is no drinking, smoking, or drug use and only a single reference in Johnny’s story about a drunk patron shooting up the tavern.

Families Can Talk About...

A Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas provides a good opportunity to speak with young people about facing loss and the different ways people show their love for each other.   What does “bereft” mean and why do Ma and Mrs. Starr feel this way?  Why might Johnny Steadman choose to bully other children? What do you think might be an answer to Laura’s question to Pa, “Why is it so hard to be good?” How are Laura’s family and Mrs. Starr’s family similar or different?  How is living in the 19th century different from living today?